Navigate Control Help

Here’s how the tours work:
Have a look around!

Click and Drag to look around
Also you can use arrow keys to move around
Scroll wheel to zoom in and out or plus minus keys
Rotate and zoom the image using the controls on the bottom, mouse or touch screen.
Use the hotspots on the image to navigate between different photos and videos.
You can also navigate using the menu or arrows.

Google Street View Shortcuts

LEFT ARROW KEY (or A key) – rotate the view 45 degrees to the left.
RIGHT ARROW KEY (or D key) – rotate the view 45 degrees to the right.
UP ARROW (or W Key) – go forward
DOWN ARROW (or S Key) – go backward
+ (plus key) – zoom in for a close-up view.
– (minus key) – zoom out one level.
TAB key: access various controls on the screen

These short cut keys may not work in all browsers.
Use Google Chrome Browser for a better Street View experience
If the short keys are not working, just click on the screen once and then try again

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