3D Floorplans


When you don’t have photos and can’t do inspections, you’re relying on the imagination of prospective buyers and tenants to picture your listing’s interior layout. And that’s never a good idea. Especially for an investment as significant as real estate, and when your commission is on the line.

But in the past, artist’s impressions have been too expensive to justify, and architect’s plans have always been too technical, uninspiring and difficult to read.

Fortunately, you now have a better option. One that’s both affordable and effective…

At Picture Perfect Malta, we can produce full-colour, attractive and easy-to-understand 3D floor plans of your listing, using nothing more than your architectural plans. Just send us the plan, tell us about the intended style, fixtures, furniture, soft furnishing and room layout, and we’ll send you the 3D version. Simple as that. Or we can visit the site and measure up ourselves.

Either way, you get your 3D plan 72 hours later. You’ll be able to give prospective buyers and tenants a clear idea of how the interior of the property will be laid out, how big it will feel, and how they might use the space, all without once relying on their imagination.

You’ll also get a complementary 2D plan: perfect for your marketing materials.

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