Everything you need to know about starting a takeaway business in Malta & Gozo.

Profiteering and the degree of monopoly in the takeaway boom COVID-19 ERA
Takeaway business booms as restaurants fight to stay open, restaurants have been forced to transform their businesses into takeaway operators in order to keep money ringing through the tills to support their staff wages.

35% cost charges from take delivery agencies to restaurants, owner will straggle to break even. 

We have study of data & analysis, market research fees and costs Malta & Gozo.
Find the way to start building your own takeaway system at low cost.

We have documented pros and cons for most takeaway systems.


Takeaway smart solutions

1a: Partner with all take away agencies, let them take care of delivery part. 
Leaders in the business:  Bolt FoodTime To EatWoltDelivify  – Zaype

1b: Deliver in your walking distance reach and hotels nearby.
(Give Hotels, airbnb’s small print menus)

If you own few motorcycles or a taxi company, ignore 1a: & 1b: 

Prevent Bad Google Reviews

Be aware, 3rd party take away agency can result in higher bad reviews. Leave a note for the buyer to reviews direct to 3rd parties’ app. It’s very difficult to remove bad review from Google and TripAdvisor.

Test your packaging first. Rubber band, Seal Stickers. 
Packaging Suppliers: AMC Marketing LtdZamco LTDDi Rocco LTD

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2:  Create a separate takeaway ordering menu on your website : Example Menu

3:  Create an ordering form, without monthly cost : Example Form

4:  Create a payment page – Pay Pal and Revolut : Example Page
Ask new clients phone orders to pay from your website.
Some buyer has no cash. They have credit cards or Revolut credit.  

5: Offer specials combos deals – just for pick-ups only : Example

7: Instal WhatsApp Live Chat – Can handle many requests at once, showing trust
Better human service – Deal with less phone calls – See this page at the bottom right.

8: Install a mini PC or large iPad, keyboard, black & white laser printer.

9: Create DL Size leaflets promoting in-house takeaway drop-outs.

10: Attach sticker to every takeaway box promoting deals and website direct orders. Supplier Printer

11: Get your staff go around your area door to door letterbox drop every week.  
Or use Door to Door distribution services.  Malta Post –  Mailbox.com.mt

12: Connect on Google My Business and Facebook direct link of the ordering Menu no.2 in this list.

13: Improve Your Google Rankings : is your site on page 1? Mobile and Desktop Google Search?
More links pointing to your website it will make your site more important for Google Ranking. 

List your Restaurant on RestaurantGuideMalta.com (Free) this site is well linked by Airbnb’s and gaming websites with no competitors ads. Other Sites VisitGozo.com (Free for Gozo) : LovinMalta.com (Paid Service) : TripAdvisor (Free) :
GuideMeMalta.com (Free+Paid) : Yellow Pages (Free+Paid) : 

Add [Shop Now] button from Facebook to your main website with take away options. Example Facebook page

15: Start accepting payments on your website
without monthly cost. Example Page
Open Pay Pal business account and Revolut account

Monthly cost is – €0.00 Euros to run
We believe it the only wining solution.

Hidden cost, monthly fees and rates, paid systems

Paid Systems apps and web. What’s the catch?
Are they worth it? Malta & Gozo does not have London 9 million population. 
It will be various from town to town and seasons. 

We look at each paid system into lots details.

Most of the take system web and app have monthly cost from 40 to 150 Euros a month or 8% – 25% of Sales.

Paid Systems Operators.

gloriafood.com  – Most used in Malta – free to use for picks only
Up €30 to €40 Euros a month if you want your users to pay online
Gloria Food set up services in Malta takeaway system

celeryhq.eu – used by some in Malta it has % of sales+set fees.
All others livepepper.com – menudrive.com – toasttab.com – imenu360.com 
restolabs.com –  edeliveryapp.com – upmenu.com – upserve.com 

For a big group of restaurants and shops systems.
ordering.co If you have a chain of restaurants you can rent a platform like this for $350+ a month.
ordering.co pricing list for multi users network. It’s used a lot in Malta by provider like Zaype . 

Google Food App. Is coming up very soon.

Google New Food App Platform is coming soon. 

No setup fees or subscriptions: Customized online menu for direct ordering : Customer-friendly features like easy reordering and group ordering. Still, a Top Secret  It can be 1.5% per order fee, I am sure it will be part of Google My Business or a 3rd part Platform trusted partners by Google.
The Ordering app 
Google Assistant News  :  KFC Canada tests Google’s food ordering service  : 


Stripe the best Integration payment:

Strip Online Payment. stripe.com
This can change the ordering system once they open in Malta.
Web developers can run the payments applications direct from shopping carts easily without 3rd parties.

Malta just opened for Stipe June 2020 .
Malta by Stripe. 
The basic version of Stripe Payments allows merchants to collect one-off credit card purchases, either online or at physical locations. Stripe accepts and processes American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard-branded cards, as well as some of the more niche products like Union Pay, JCB, and Diners Club. 



Expenses for a restaurant business

Restaurants Operations Costs: Calculations

Rent and Utilities 5-10%, Food & Beverage Cost 25-32%, Labor Cost 33%, Marketing % varies, Energy 5%, Maintenance 1.9%, Management Staff 10% of profit. Tax % ??  Take away ordering costs % ??,  Confusing maths! It’s a confusing era

Takeaway case study of data & analysis, market research was prepared by Picture Perfect Malta restaurant marketing team.
Call us on 9982 8299 to come and visit you to your Restaurant for best realistic costs web solutions.

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